UVC Sanitization

UVC Lights are used to sanitize every cabin between each guest.

Sanitized Shuttles

Our 10-Point Cleaning Procedure ensures your local travel with our courtesy shuttle is safe and sanitized.

Room Detailing

Your cabins are detailed before your arrival to insure your safety.



10 Point Courtesy Shuttle Sanitization Procedure

  • How frequently is the shuttle cleaned and sanitized?
    Our courtesy shuttle cleaned and sanitized according to our 10 Point Procedure frequently.
  • Will people be wearing masks?
    Many people opt for masks but they are not required. One of the benefits of staying here is that everyone has a separate cabin without shared, enclosed corridors.
  • What is your 10 Point Procedure?
    1. Open all windows
    2. Sanitize dashboard
    3. Sanitize steering wheel
    4. Sanitize door handles
    5. Sanitize seat belt buckles
    6. Sanitize stabilizing handles
    7. Sanitize rubber floor mats
    8. Close all windows
    9. Spray interior of van generously with sanitizer and allow to sit for 10 minutes with windows closed.
    10. Re-open windows and allow to air for 5 minutes before admitting guests into the van.

Going the Extra Mile for Health and Safety

  • What additional steps are you taking for cleaning and sanitization?
    Additional measures are being taken with a focus on your safety and peace of mind, such as touch-free options, more frequent sanitization with hospital-grade disinfectants, and UVC lights used to sanitize every cabin between guests.
    • Sanitizer stations prominently placed throughout the area
    • Guests provided with disinfected pens for signatures of receipts 
    • More frequent cleaning of public spaces and cabin surfaces 
    • NSF International certification, inclusive of detailed cleanliness training 
    • Enhanced food safety and hygiene protocols 
    • Removal of certain high-touch items from guestrooms and public spaces
  • What is UVC Sterilization and Why Does it Help?
    UVC, which is one of three types of light on the UV spectrum, disinfects both surface and airborne pathogens and eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. It has been used in the medical arena and is now finding pandemic era use in schools, hotels, and restaurants worldwide.
  • What are Your Distancing Policies?
    We are fortunate to be a largely outdoor hotel with wide open spaces at every turn. You'll find community spaces in open-air patios and that "hallways" are actually open-air walkways. Many of our guests choose us because of the natural, social distancing.
  • Do you have Contactless Options?
    New and enhanced digital amenities can put you in control of how you connect with us—from check-in to dining and more, contactless care is just a tap away. 
    • Contactless check-out 
    • Grab-and-go meal ordering