Denali National Park

When planning a trip to Alaska, Denali is usually at the top of the itinerary. But with more than 6 million acres (24,500 km²) of national park, it could seem a daunting trip to plan. In fact, it’s easier than ever!

There is one road entrance into Denali National Park. The entrance is at mile 237.5 on Alaska Highway 3 (also called the George Parks Highway). The Alaskan Railroad’s Denali depot is conveniently located about a mile inside the park entrance. You can receive a discount on your ticket when you book your room at The Crow’s Nest. The “Denali Gulch” is a one mile strip of restaurants, lodging, resources, and shopping. The entrance to The Crow’s Nest is at the southern point of the Denali Gulch located at mile 238.5 of the Parks Highway. The Bake restaurant and Sled Dog Liquors either side of the road up to The Crow’s Nest.


All are encouraged to take one of the many bus rides along the Denali Park Road, the sole vehicle access into the heart of the park. Whether you seek wildlife and scenery or solitude and communion with this wild land, the park newspaper can help you plan your time in the park. It is important to remember, there will be no food available on the tours.

The Overlook offers tasty boxed lunches that you can order in advance for the 8 hour tour. If at any time, you would like to book a reservation or activity, simply contact our frontdesk agent and they will book it for you at a discounted rate. If you are in the park and need a ride back, we can pick you up! Check out our shuttle schedule.

Denali News

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The Experience

  • 5 of 5 starsReviewed September 2015 via mobile
    Imagine, flying 10 hours to get somewhere then training another 7 after that. You get off the train and look around for this shuttle you scheduled months ago. You think, "Man, I'm in the middle of NOWHERE. Where do I go from here?" Well, I looked around and saw a white van with the words Crows Nest on it so I was off to a good start. I flagged the guy down and he took over from there. I didn't have to lift a finger and when I tried to help he insisted he had it covered. Ok, I appreciate that. We head to the cabin and I have to admit, it was a bummer that the road was torn up because what would have been a 5 minute drive took almost 20. But it seems like there's only one road so what are you going to do? The check-in was smooth and the staff was friendly. I had an upper level cabin and they took my bags up for me. I immediately needed a shower after nearly 20 hours of travel. The bathroom was clean and the water was hot. They had some nice soaps so I didn't have to dig through my bag. Refreshed, I went in search of a bite and a cocktail. I needed a relaxed night before going into the park the next day so I stayed on property. The Overlook is their restaurant and I intend to review them separately. In short, it was outstanding! Back to the cabins. I had one of the best sleeps of any hotel I've stayed in. There was a TV but I wasn't really interested in that. The wi-fi was EVERYWHERE. In the room and the restaurant. Did I mention that I'm on the side of a mountain overlooking more mountains in a canyon in the middle of interior Alaska? There was a USB port that I appreciated and the coffee machine worked very well (nice not having to mess with grinds, easy Kurig set-up). Pricing: I booked a couple months out. I don't really care about the price as long as it's a solid place to stay. This place seemed to be in the sweet spot. Not as much as the prefab resorts but more than the motel-type spots. In the end, I call it a value. I don't care if I pay $50 more than a roadside joint. I want the views, a comfortable/clean room, and competent staff. Check, check, and check! Room Tip: Want a view, go to the top! Mobility issues, call and ask if they have a lower level room.
    Trip Advisor
  • 5 of 5 starsReviewed September 2015 via mobile
    ...recommend the Crow's Nest for anyone who is looking for the perfect complement to bookend their Denali National Park experience. Like the Park itself, your stay here will be delightfully unique, and be the basis for a most memorable Alaskan adventure that you simply can't get anywhere else. No car? No worries, as the complementary shuttle will see to your transportation needs to and from the railroad station, Park Visitor center and Wilderness Access Center, as well as the shops and restaurants along the Canyon. The individual en suite cabins are comfortable and well tended, staff is friendly and competent, and the restaurant on site is legendary. You will have the experience of a lifetime. Room Tip: Book early to get the dates you want - there is considerable demand.
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  • 5 of 5 starsReviewed September 2015 via mobile
    The cabins are in a convenient location with a lot of stores and restaurants nearby. I really enjoyed my stay there and I highly recommend going there and I'll most definitely come back.
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  • 5 of 5 starsReviewed September 2015 via mobile
    Young students from Bulgaria, Clean cabin compfortable bed, good resturaunt on premises. reasonable prices for Denali
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