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Solstice in Denali | Crow's Nest Resort

Solstice in Denali

Solstice in Denali

Healy, AK June 20th-21st— Denali Park is a summertime playground for countless Alaskans and tourists. The Solstice Brewfest at the 49th State Brewing Co. is bringing the heat to the longest day of the year. Iron Horse is making their Alaskan debut in this single performance and bringing their legendary bluegrass ferocity to the Solstice stage. H3’s Hawaiian reggae and Tumbledown House’s gritty saloon jazz round out the entertainment. Beer fans will be able to partake in beer-focused seminars and try specialty, limited edition craft beer at the festival.


Anyone listening to the innovative, hard-driving instrumental licks and strong, precise harmonies of Iron Horse will want to strap into their seat and prepare to be thrilled with the ride. The compilations produced by this extremely progressive band truly bring delights to the listening experience. These guys are uniquely gifted in arrangement and presentation of lyrics and melody. Iron Horse playing under the Alaskan sun in the spacious beer garden at the 49th State Brewing Co. will leave an unforgettable impression on even the most avid concert goers.


Fans of the craft beer scene in Alaska will want to arrive early to the festival for the seminars on Grilling with Beer, Homebrewing 101, and Transitions in Brewing. Seminars will be hosted at the 49th and are included in the ticket price. Specialty, limited edition craft beer will be on tap as well as 49th favorites. Locals and travelers who have the full week to spend in Denali will get the added bonus of the Brew Chats and Brewer’s Dinner. The Brew Chats will be held at Prospectors Historic Pizzeria & Alehouse where, for $7, attendees receive an ample sampling of beer and a chat with a professional brewer.   To purchase tickets to the Solstice Brewfest or see the full schedule of events, please go to 49StateBrewing.com.