Denali FAQ

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Food & Drink

  • Can I drink your water?
    You can drink our water, but the water in the Denali area is very hard. It’s ok to brush your teeth in our cabins, but for drinking water we suggest you fill your water bottles up at our front desk or restaurant which have special filters.
  • Where do we buy food for our trip into The Park?
    In our restaurant we offer The Big Box Lunch. We recommend you order your lunch when you check in and specify the time you need it ready. Or we can usually prepare you a lunch in about 10 minutes.

General Questions

  • Do you have an ATM?
    Yes. We also accept Visa, Master Card & Discover.

Getting Around Denali

  • Where can I get breakfast?
    The Overlook, located near the parking area, serves a tasty breakfast every day. Ask our front desk staff for details.
  • Can I walk to my Park Bus Tour?
    Yes, you can. The park's Visitor Center is about 1-Mile or a 20 minute walk. It’s a long day on the bus and many people prefer to walk. You also have the option of walking one way. Tip: If you would like return shuttle service to the cabins, you must call ahead. For info on the local Denali Shuttle, click here to see our shuttle schedule and policies.
  • I have an early Park Tour, what are the hours of your shuttles?
    Our shuttles run extensive hours to accommodate park tours and long summer days in Denali. Ask our Front Desk agent to plan your pick-up/drop-off. There is also a local Denali Shuttle that is great for getting around to various restaurants and into the park. Click here to see the schedule.
  • I’m arriving by train, how will I get to the Crow’s Nest?
    When you book your reservation please indicate which train you are arriving on, there are only 2 choices, departing Anchorage or departing Fairbanks. There is only 1 train a day from each city. When you get off the train in Denali simply look for the 15 passenger Van with our logo on it and our driver will help you with your bags and drive you directly to reception. Tip: If you forgot to request a shuttle upon booking you can call ahead.

Lodging Questions

  • Will you clean my room every day?
    Yes, we will. As water is a valuable resource in Denali, we will only wash your towels and linens upon your request. If you want towels washed simply put them in the laundry basket. If you want your sheets washed simply put the top bed sheet in the linen basket and we will provide you with fresh linens.
  • Where do I Park?
    There is a guest only parking lot on the hill right next to the cabins. We have recently expanded the lot to be sure there is sufficient parking for everyone.
  • Are the cabins right on the highway?
    No, the cabins are up the hill behind the Denali Park Salmon Bake (The Bake).
  • Why do you say you are conveniently located?
    Basically there are 2 roads in Denali: The 90 mile Park Road to Wonder Lake and Mt. McKinley, which you can only take by bus, and The Parks Highway. We are located on the Parks Highway, which is the only road between Anchorage and Fairbanks. We are within 1 mile of the Park Road and we are basically on the South end of where all the shops and restaurants are located. If you stay in an outlying area you will spend your whole trip waiting for shuttle buses. If you stay with us you have access to our shuttle bus and you can walk to everything.
  • Will I be cold in your cabins?
    No, all of our cabins have electric heat and blankets. Believe it or not much of the summer has very nice weather.