Denali Summers are Fun but What About the Rest of the Year?

Denali Summers are Fun but What About the Rest of the Year?

Denali in the summer is glorious! We have 24 hours of sunlight (or close to it) and have endless activities to participate in.We hike, go rafting, take our ATV’s out, fish for salmon, and stay extremely active. There’s always a music or beer festival, club night, or costume party (Yes, costume party, Denali loves to dress up.). We have bonfires all the time even though it’s not dark because that’s what we do.

Guests at the Denali Crows Nest Cabins ask us, “What goes on in the winter?”. Well, there is alot of survival activity but there’s a surprising amount of fun in Alaska in the Winter. This year, Fairbanks  (a near neighbor to Denali by Alaskan standards) is hosting the 2014 Arctic Winter Games. The Arctic Winter Games is a high-profile sports competition for Northern and Arctic athletes that brings our circumpolar world closer together. The Games provide an opportunity to strengthen and showcase our young people and our communities through healthy sport and competition.

A total of nine contingents participated in the Arctic Winter Games:

  • Alaska, USA
  • Greenland
  • Northern Alberta, Canada
  • Northwest Territories, Canada
  • Nunavik, Quebec, Canada
  • Nunavut, Canada
  • Sami people
  • Yamalo-Nenets, Russia
  • Yukon, Canada

Nearly 2,000 athletes, coaches, cultural delegates and staff members will be coming to Alaska for the 23rd edition of the Arctic Winter Games. Events such as Alpine Skiing, Ice Hockey, Snowboarding, Dog Mushing, Figure Skating, Bi-athlons (ski and snowshoe), and many more are taking place.

Learn more about this event on the Arctic Winter Games site or check-out the latest news and pics on Facebook.